Practice makes perfect, and when you’re finally quick confident enough that you’re ready for your first race, here are a few helpful tips.

Step 08: Be Prepared

While it sounds obnoxiously obvious, we can’t overstate enough the importance of being prepared. The stress of your first race will no doubt have you mentally preoccupied. So use the days leading up to the event to ensure everything is in order.

  • Is all of your safety gear in order and compliant with current rules and safety regulations?
  • Do you have an ample supply of spare parts from your local kart shop? Things will break, whether by contact or use – so you’ll be smart to carry some common items that are known to bend or break. (chains, axles, tie rods, etc.)
  • Have you pre-entered or filled out the necessary paperwork from your local club or sanctioning body?

Step 09: Be Realistic

Karting (and race craft in general) takes a moment to learn, but a lifetime to master. Even the top drivers are constantly searching for the smallest of advantages. It’s highly unlikely you’ll win your first race, and that’s perfectly okay. Have fun and enjoy what you’re doing. That is why you got opted to get in to the sport of karting in the first place, right?

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