At the sake of sounding cliché, we see this site as a resource for racers, by racers. The business model for Kart Directory is to make it as lean and affordable for everyone as possible. We feel the sport is best served with an ultra affordable, basic advertising solution for even the smallest of karting businesses.

Supplementing Not Competing

There are numerous other sites that cover the sport of karting, many of which have existing advertisements. In no way is Kart Directory intending to compete or undermine their efforts. We see this site as the metaphoric karting phone book to that of their comprehensive and rich interactive race coverage.

No Politics. No Favorites. No Bullshit

We believe the sport of karting is seriously lacking an agnostic resource free of politics and power struggles. There are plenty of other mediums to debate the sport’s problems. Our goal is to make Kart Directory a neutral tool for everyone – regardless of series, sanctioning body, skill level, or kart type.